Saturday, September 20, 2014

Soaring Soul 4

The one thing that we are aware of as the key to happiness needs to be given more lime light. Happiness comes from within, how do I know? Nothing external brings long lasting happiness, external things/influences only temporarily fill a need inside of us, and the key word here is temporarily! The only thing that brings long term happiness comes from within, it is a conscious decision and commitment to being happy, the idea that no matter what happens I will see the good stuff, I will do everything in my power to only let good moments matter, to only let positive thoughts remain. This and the feeling of being grateful for all that you have, no matter what that is., no matter what is very important. We all have things to be grateful for and getting into a habit of thinking about 3 things we are happy about and grateful for everyday is very powerful.

I also think we live in a world of excess, where we have so much stuff, we eat and drink in excess, more than we actually need to survive and we have become use to consuming above what we really need. Recently I cleared out my wardrobe and dramatically reduced the amount of stuff I have. It was actually a great relief, a real release that I don't actually need everything that I have. If we go back to the caveman days, they needed to survive and they did anything they could to survive, they did not have everything available to them, they had to fight for it and search for it but were they unhappy? I think they were happy with finding enough to survive. In today's 1st world society we have everything we need to survive, we have everything easily accessible and easily attainable but are we happy?