Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Soaring Soal 6

Ask yourself 'who am I?' because that is a very important question, ' What is the definition of you?' Do you know? It's a hard question. I know my purpose is to help people develop their strengths and overcome weaknesses. I know I need to get the message about healthy eating because it is so vital, so fundamental. We are what we eat and what we do. I am a trainer that loves helping people grow. But there is something bigger than this, like making an impact in the world. How can I make people understand that we have to feed our minds, nourish our minds in order to fully reach overall success. No one piece on its own will work, we can't just work on eating well, exercising or reading inspiring books on their own, it everything together, the sum of all parts.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Soaring Soul 5

Experiences both good and bad shape who we are and how we move forward in our lives. We might think that a bad or not pleasant experience is dreadful or a disaster, we make them into bigger than they are, our language is important, how we describe these experience matters! All these experiences are just that! Experiences! They are outcomes, things happening in a time and place, they are indifferent really, however they become something when we give them meaning. Please avoid giving things meaning/associations unnecessarily, it can make a good situation bad, a bad situation worse. Things happen the way they are suppose to at that moment in time, difficult to understand I know, but feelings like "I can't believe I did this or that". Firstly, this does not help and does not make us either feel better or move towards a more confident self or help us be more comfortable in our own skin. This only makes us over think things and you know what "over thinking is?" Dangerous. I am definitely one to do this but not as much anymore because I realise that it is disempowering to think about an event or situation after it has happened, after it is dead and gone... forget it, it is done and dusted. Why am I writing about this? Because I once looked into things too much, I once could not let go... but now, I do, I just ask myself the right questions and I can more easily forget. What questions? "Is this benefiting me or some other purpose?" If not, "Why is it still here?" It shouldn't be, unless that feeling is trying to tell you something, find out what and then you will be able to let it go and be more powerful than you ever imagined. Powerful in the sense of feeling absolutely comfortable and self confident, like a really strong unlimited force that is at ease, feels grateful, feels fulfilled.

So should we feel bad for things example - not saying thank you when you should have or no matter what it is? Even very ordinary things can make us feel not so good. I believe we should just accept things happen the way they happen, if we make an effort to do what we can do at the time, then let it go.  Do pay attention if a nagging feeling persists, do solve it, ideal question is "what is this feeling telling me?" "Why does this keep coming up for me?" Keep asking until you find an answer, which you will, believe me, persistance pays off! I think "neutral" is the place to be in our lives, don't get me wrong, you can still be excited about things, I don't mean show no emotion, definitely not but I mean when it comes to "over analysing" think neutral i.e. if you find yourself going towards a feeling bad scenario, think neutral like, this actually means nothing, there is no meaning in this. No meaning is better than negative, not benefiting you thoughts. So what is the point of all this, to make you feel better of course, no other reason. I want to help other like I have helped myself and like I continue to do with my commitment to constant and never ending improvement.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Soaring Soul 4

The one thing that we are aware of as the key to happiness needs to be given more lime light. Happiness comes from within, how do I know? Nothing external brings long lasting happiness, external things/influences only temporarily fill a need inside of us, and the key word here is temporarily! The only thing that brings long term happiness comes from within, it is a conscious decision and commitment to being happy, the idea that no matter what happens I will see the good stuff, I will do everything in my power to only let good moments matter, to only let positive thoughts remain. This and the feeling of being grateful for all that you have, no matter what that is., no matter what is very important. We all have things to be grateful for and getting into a habit of thinking about 3 things we are happy about and grateful for everyday is very powerful.

I also think we live in a world of excess, where we have so much stuff, we eat and drink in excess, more than we actually need to survive and we have become use to consuming above what we really need. Recently I cleared out my wardrobe and dramatically reduced the amount of stuff I have. It was actually a great relief, a real release that I don't actually need everything that I have. If we go back to the caveman days, they needed to survive and they did anything they could to survive, they did not have everything available to them, they had to fight for it and search for it but were they unhappy? I think they were happy with finding enough to survive. In today's 1st world society we have everything we need to survive, we have everything easily accessible and easily attainable but are we happy?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Soaring Soul 3

Sometimes even thinking - what if I did know what I wanted, what would that be? Just like time is known as a healer, it also give us a chance to discover a world that we think we have seen, we think we know, we fail to realise that there is more to explore. I want to ask, does time ever put pressure on you to be something, to achieve something, to give all you can possibly give,  to find out about the endless opportunities that are out there. Does time put pressure on you? No, we put the pressure on, we put the panic on, nothing else does it like us. and why give ourselves that pressure, why not enjoy the discovery in the way it is suppose to happen, in flow. Primarily due to wanting something and not being happy until you get it rather than allowing the journey that you are suppose to take at the pace it is currently taking place, happen. Don't try speed it up, don't push it, don't force it. That is not flow, that is panic that you don't have what you want right here and now but you have somethings and your progress is not being timed. Don't act like you need to have it all or else, just don't, but do take action, do do the things that will help, do the things that will give you the opportunities you are looking for. It is NOT the destination that counts, the fun is in the journey.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Soaring Soul 2

Are we continuing on our journey of growth? Well it does not happen without hard work, it is not always simple. We found out that decisions give us a path, life changing events  make us aware but passion is what drives us. When we know what drives us we can start things off but we need to know where we are going because we will be pulled in a multitude of directions which will mean we feel less fulfilled, we loose direction, we are just going with the flow. When is it adequate to let life take you on a journey? When should you be in the driving seat? After significant action in the direction you want to go in? The amount of personal growth is determined by the utter dedication and determination to a cause. Knowing what the cause is, is half the battle, isn't it? How do you know what you are aiming for? Where is the guidance? Does it come from within? Yes, it comes from something that feels right, trial and error, trying something new testing it out, not drawing conclusion from it until you know for definite, is it what you want? Sometimes it takes significant action, especially if the idea is at implementation stage but in order to create the idea, you do not need to fill up your schedule or try too hard. Good ideas come from quiet time, from less activity time.

Your experience in the world is what helps you shape who you are and what you want to do. Example - look at what jobs you always enjoyed, what about these jobs excited you. What about them made you enjoy them or wanted to do them. Knowing what you like is the first part of the puzzle. People or process? That will give you a clue when determining what to focus on, find what specifically you want to do in that area of interest. What about it drives you i.e. wanting to help others? In what way? Helping people grow, helping people achieve their full potential, what exactly? It is important to give yourself this time to shape your life and find your passion. Don't let time go by, stop and reflect to create ideas, once the idea is in place, take the action that will bring the idea to life. Important however not to force it, then it is not right, then it is not natural.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Soaring Soul 1

I am talking about growth - why? because it is what humanity is all about, it is so fundamental to our being - the only way really is up. Does personal growth occur naturally or is it significantly fuelled by our conscious effort? If conscious effort is the core to growth, how do we ensure that we are consciously aware and directing ourselves in order to grow? Well, I would say it starts with a decision, the process of making a choice about where we want to be, what we want in our life, why we want it and why it is significant to us. The only thing is, it can't just be a decision, can it? Do we not need direction, focus and determination, a why. The purpose is what it is all about. There is of course courage, passion, inspiration and self motivation as well. Decisions shape our destiny, of course they do, but I am looking for something that spures personal growth on more than just a decision, a life changing event, the absence of resources. These factors are sure to make some impact, they might even get you most of the way to achieving your goals, however it has to be more than that, more than just pointing ourselves in the right direction and swimming towards the destination.

Lets step back a bit and think about what starts it all off - knowing our goals, values, interests, knowing what we want and why we want it, feeling like you are growing, you know what matters to you, what is truly important and makes the difference. Working towards the end result because you know what it is, what it looks like, feels like, what impact it has on you and your life. Only you can know your destiny and it is different for everyone, there are no two footprints that are the same. Even though the goal might be the same, the specific elements can differ quite dramatically e.g. wanting to be an actress, there are theatres, movies, series, screen plays etc. Although similar goals, the range of diversity in an industry or area gives different outcomes. It is like painting, every artist has their own flare and life is the same, we give it our own flare.