Sunday, July 13, 2014

Soaring Soul 1

I am talking about growth - why? because it is what humanity is all about, it is so fundamental to our being - the only way really is up. Does personal growth occur naturally or is it significantly fuelled by our conscious effort? If conscious effort is the core to growth, how do we ensure that we are consciously aware and directing ourselves in order to grow? Well, I would say it starts with a decision, the process of making a choice about where we want to be, what we want in our life, why we want it and why it is significant to us. The only thing is, it can't just be a decision, can it? Do we not need direction, focus and determination, a why. The purpose is what it is all about. There is of course courage, passion, inspiration and self motivation as well. Decisions shape our destiny, of course they do, but I am looking for something that spures personal growth on more than just a decision, a life changing event, the absence of resources. These factors are sure to make some impact, they might even get you most of the way to achieving your goals, however it has to be more than that, more than just pointing ourselves in the right direction and swimming towards the destination.

Lets step back a bit and think about what starts it all off - knowing our goals, values, interests, knowing what we want and why we want it, feeling like you are growing, you know what matters to you, what is truly important and makes the difference. Working towards the end result because you know what it is, what it looks like, feels like, what impact it has on you and your life. Only you can know your destiny and it is different for everyone, there are no two footprints that are the same. Even though the goal might be the same, the specific elements can differ quite dramatically e.g. wanting to be an actress, there are theatres, movies, series, screen plays etc. Although similar goals, the range of diversity in an industry or area gives different outcomes. It is like painting, every artist has their own flare and life is the same, we give it our own flare.

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