Sunday, July 27, 2014

Soaring Soul 2

Are we continuing on our journey of growth? Well it does not happen without hard work, it is not always simple. We found out that decisions give us a path, life changing events  make us aware but passion is what drives us. When we know what drives us we can start things off but we need to know where we are going because we will be pulled in a multitude of directions which will mean we feel less fulfilled, we loose direction, we are just going with the flow. When is it adequate to let life take you on a journey? When should you be in the driving seat? After significant action in the direction you want to go in? The amount of personal growth is determined by the utter dedication and determination to a cause. Knowing what the cause is, is half the battle, isn't it? How do you know what you are aiming for? Where is the guidance? Does it come from within? Yes, it comes from something that feels right, trial and error, trying something new testing it out, not drawing conclusion from it until you know for definite, is it what you want? Sometimes it takes significant action, especially if the idea is at implementation stage but in order to create the idea, you do not need to fill up your schedule or try too hard. Good ideas come from quiet time, from less activity time.

Your experience in the world is what helps you shape who you are and what you want to do. Example - look at what jobs you always enjoyed, what about these jobs excited you. What about them made you enjoy them or wanted to do them. Knowing what you like is the first part of the puzzle. People or process? That will give you a clue when determining what to focus on, find what specifically you want to do in that area of interest. What about it drives you i.e. wanting to help others? In what way? Helping people grow, helping people achieve their full potential, what exactly? It is important to give yourself this time to shape your life and find your passion. Don't let time go by, stop and reflect to create ideas, once the idea is in place, take the action that will bring the idea to life. Important however not to force it, then it is not right, then it is not natural.

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