Saturday, August 23, 2014

Soaring Soul 3

Sometimes even thinking - what if I did know what I wanted, what would that be? Just like time is known as a healer, it also give us a chance to discover a world that we think we have seen, we think we know, we fail to realise that there is more to explore. I want to ask, does time ever put pressure on you to be something, to achieve something, to give all you can possibly give,  to find out about the endless opportunities that are out there. Does time put pressure on you? No, we put the pressure on, we put the panic on, nothing else does it like us. and why give ourselves that pressure, why not enjoy the discovery in the way it is suppose to happen, in flow. Primarily due to wanting something and not being happy until you get it rather than allowing the journey that you are suppose to take at the pace it is currently taking place, happen. Don't try speed it up, don't push it, don't force it. That is not flow, that is panic that you don't have what you want right here and now but you have somethings and your progress is not being timed. Don't act like you need to have it all or else, just don't, but do take action, do do the things that will help, do the things that will give you the opportunities you are looking for. It is NOT the destination that counts, the fun is in the journey.

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